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Application Usage

Having an in-depth understanding of the water treatment requirements in different industries, our water and waste water based process plants are precision designed to successfully meet the application needs of different industries.


Some of the areas where treated water finds usage include:


  • Industries require treated or purified water to manufacture products
  • Water is used for thermal transfer and other industrial production processes
  • The treated water can also be one of the ingredients in fabricated products
  • Water suitable for drinking is not pure enough for many industrial uses and requires additional purification
  • In boilers, purity of water affects heat transfer efficiency and condition of components where transforming water to high purity industrial water assures continuous operation, long boiler life and reduced fuel consumption


Some of the industries which require treated or purified water for manufacturing include:


  • Electric power generation units
  • Petroleum refining plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Pulp and paper industry


Some of the industries where purified water is used as an ingredient in product include:


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Consumer products such as detergents and cosmetics


Treated water is also used for cleaning production equipment or products like in:


  • Automotive assembly units
  • Electronics and steel manufacturing industry
  • Automotive Assembly Surface preparation prior to paint application
  • Reverse osmosis Ion exchange
  • Chemical Plant Boiler make-up
  • Product blending Ultra filtration Reverse osmosis Ion exchange
  • Electronics Clean room water
  • High purity rise water Reverse osmosis
  • Electro deionization Gas transfer membranes Ion exchange
  • Food Processing
  • Fruit juice acid reduction
  • Whey demineralization
  • Boiler make-up Electro dialysis
  • Softening Reverse osmosis
  • Power Generation
  • Boiler make-up
  • Cooling tower treatment
  • Electro deionization Ion exchange
  • Brine concentration
  • Ultra filtration
  • Catalytic oxygen removal system
  • Pulp and Paper Boiler make-up
  • Rinse water
  • Mill wastewater reclamation Ion exchange Softening Brine concentration Dissolved air flotation
  • Refining
  • Petrochemicals General plant process water
  • Boiler make-up
  • Water reclamation
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Electro deionization
  • Electro dialysis reversal
  • Ultra filtration
  • Ion exchange